The Smile Architect

Kids’ dentistry
We try to make your kid’s dental experience as positive, rewarding and fun as possible. We offer Myofunctional therapy, which is a minimally invasive, holistic approach to treating children in the dental office. It is simply looking at poor muscle function and correcting it.
Myofunctional therapy seeks to prevent or repair the issues of diminished airway, poor facial growth patterns and improperly aligned teeth by addressing the underlying etiological issues. Three primary goals of the therapy include :
  • Restore Nasal breathing
  • Correct tongue placement at rest
  • Correct swallow

The younger it is corrected; the less dental problems your child faces later in life.
Oral health care should start as soon as the child gets his/ her first tooth. A typical child resents visiting a dentist and if you are like most parents, you are wondering how do we excel in kids’ dentistry any better to make it welcoming for them. At The Smile Architect, we believe that every child deserves the specialized attention provided by a special dentist. And our words come with the support of the excellent work of our in-house pediadontists!

  • We know how to keep your child calm – We offer a tender approach in treating the toothsies of your teeny- tinies to keep them calm, happy and drama-free while seated in the dentist’s chair.
  • We are trained to treat developing teeth and gums – We come equipped with the required expertise to handle issues like over-retained baby teeth, tooth decay, cavities etc. that threaten the dental health of your child.
  • We provide custom- tailored care for your unique needs – We put our time and efforts in devising a dental care plan that suits your child’s dental needs. We believe in instilling optimal oral health habits at the earliest stages and set the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.
In general, we offer dentistry that is
  • Free of Toxic Materials
  • Natural Looking to Match Your Smile
  • Durable to Last for Many Years
  • Custom-Crafted for the Perfect Fit